Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Been Awhile...

I thought that staying home meant having time to do things???? Now I'm in project overload!!! So I'm a little late but I'd like to still join Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality and share what everyone got while tag saling this weekend.

I got a tutu! I will put this away as it was only 25 cents. I also got some pink tulle for the tutus I'm making and it was free!

Wrapping paper-not that I need anymore...but I like having all kinds of things at my fingertips. I got all the bags for 25 cents a piece, the tissue for 25 cents a piece and the lot of bags for 4.00.

Loads of ribbon at 1.00 a piece-but there was a lot of it and most of it had never been opened and had 5.00 price tags on them.

So I've been losing weight-lots of weight and losing clothes too. I love having tons of clothes and now I don't so I bought this green plaid tank-brand new with the tags still on it for 2.00-great for our trip to Disney. Also this cute cotton white dress for 5.00, a little pricey but it also still had the 40.00 tag still on it.

My usual-some books since I won't be teaching this year I have offered to be a classroom reader and thought I could donate the books to the classroom after I read them for 50 cents that sounds good! I also got a candle for 10 cents, some movies for 1.00, some cd's for 1.00 and two onseies-for an ongoing project for 50 cents. I went crazy!!!

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