Friday, July 31, 2009

I Graduated!

This week was my final cake class for session one. We mad a cake complete with roses-yes I actually made those roses. I can't say that I will do that again but you never know. I successfully completed the course without eating any cake or icing! I signed up for the second course-borders! Basking weaving out of icing tempted me.

Here's my cake made especially for Carmen.

Kimmie's cake.

Look..I got a diploma!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Totally Tag Saling

It was sooo hot this weekend but my Mom and I managed to rummage through things and find some great deals. Let me say first I have big plans for this whole stay at home wife thing. I have lots of future projects and always try to look for supplies while out tag saling.

I got my usual movies-1.00! Some cd's for 50 cents, a candle for 50 cents, and some tulle to make a Valentine's Day tutu with for 25 cents(we'll see how that goes!). I also got the books for 25 cents a piece-trying to broaden my horizon.

I love Round Top metal pieces! I got three of these for a total of 6.00. They have never been used and even had their tags still on them. They were originally 16.00 a piece. I think I'll hang them on our front porch for next years Fourth of July.

I also got this Round Top piece, which I have been wanting. The top of the jar is a chalkboard. I splurged and paid 5.00 for it. Don't forget to head on over to Southern Hospitality where Rhonda hosts a who got what! I will be making a cake for Carmen tomorrow in cake to come. I loathe making roses out of icing-that's all I'll say about that!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Totally Tag Saling

Here's what I got this weekend! Don't forget to check out what everyone else got at Southern Hospitality!

A glass cake stand, to go with all of my new cakes. 2.00!

Cute Sam and Libby boots-for the garden and the rain. 2.00!

My usual array of Children's book-25 cents a piece, two cutie notepads-10 cents a piece, a hangy dodad-25 cents, some movies 2.00(I usually will only buy these for 1.00 but it was a super slow weekend and I wanted some new movies), and some candles for 25 cents a piece.

It wasn't that great of a weekend but here's looking forward to next weekend!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cake Class 101

So I signed up for one of those Wilton's beginners cake classes and prayed Kimmie would too. The first class was basically a lecture and homework. Let me say I highly underestimated how hard this was going to be and how much stuff I would buy. Kimmie and I started making the first cake the day before class 2. It took us 4 hours to make icing and ice the cake. See below.

Everything is out and ready to go.....

Layering-let's talk about crumbs. I have iced many cakes in my time but "she" the teacher told us to use a specific amount and for the life of me it wasn't enough. This is how I messed up my cake!!! It was so bad!

I fixed it before class!

We made a rainbow cake and I got icing everywhere-note the toe. Kimmie was clearly quicker on uptake than I was. End result...two cakes for her nieces and I successfully didn't eat any! 54 pounds down and still going! I would also like to give a thank you out to Randi. Those tips you bought me have come in handy. I wish you were here so you could take the class too. Miss and love you all!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Totally Tag Saling

So....I've been away on vacation! Lon and I went to the Artesian Lakes in Cleveland, Texas with his business for the Fourth of July and I'm finally back into the swing of things. I think it was the luxury of my very own golf cart that did it. I did go garage saling this weekend. Let's see what I got! Don't forget to checkout Rhonda over at Southern Hospitality to see what everyone else got, it's my favorite part.

Let me tell you-I literally hosted a pampered chef party two weeks ago and got my goodies last week. I love their stuff but it's a little pricey. I have a hard time buying things for full price. Look what I found. Three of their stoneware pieces. I have the muffin pan, just got it with my new order...a bundt cake-should be interesting, and a mini loaf pan 3.00 each!!! The cookie press-I already have one but for 2.00 I'll take another! Last a little press sandwich thingy to make cutie PB&J sandwiches with. 50 cents!

I got some mini cupcake pans for 25 cents a piece and those little umbrellas are actually for my pink flamingo Christmas tree which will live upstairs this year-my husband is thrilled, note the sarcasm. Did I mention I love flamingos? Oh 25 cents also.

Last a white wire bin for the downstairs bathroom 2.00. Another DVD 1.00, notepads-I have a thing for notepads, must be the teacher in me. I also buy these pads every year at a local craft show for Christmas gifts and they are 8.00 a piece. These are the same ones, still wrapped marked 1.00 but she gave them to me for 50 cents each! Plus a cute checkbook cover for 50 cents. I also snagged 25 CD's for my IPod (not pictured) for 9.00. I will be hitting up the thrift stores tomorrow and Kimmie and I will attempt to ice some cakes for our cake class-stay tuned.