Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Love This Thing!

It spoke to me from the shelf-buy me. As I reach for it I can see Lon roll his eyes. I have a problem and it's called if there's anything that has to do with cupcakes I buy it. It was only 5 dollars and it has already made my cupcake life that much sweeter. Now I only need five more for when I'm layering rainbow colored batter.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Struggle

Throughout the last year we have waited and tried and cried. I have spoke to, meet, and been comforted by many. Megan turned me onto this blog Ready to Be a Mom which in turned dropped me in the center of this

Tears and Hope [HQ]

Never forget how truly blessed you are, and never underestimate the pain that some people suffer, to have what you take for granted... For a better understanding of our journey through Infertility please watch this video. http://www.tearsandhope.com/

Length:7:47(taken from Ready To Be a Mom Blog)

I couldn't have said it or explained it better myself. To all those fellow couples out there dreaming of the babies you've lost and have yet to meet have hope, have faith, find strength in each other, we are here.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

HB Melanie!

Melanie's birthday was this past week and her friend from work put in an order for a cake-with Reese's peanut butter cups please! So here it is. I have to admit for those of you who know me I was major stressing this cake. I wanted it to be perfect! Melanie loves turtles too. The sand is brown sugar-love it! HB Melanie!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who's Johnny!

Apparently I've now become part of this I'm obsessed with cupcakes subculture. I hvae found a home with fellow bloggers and learning to sewers, and baking a messers. So I follow this blog called Cupcakes Take the Cake. They show pictures of super cool cupcakes people from all over that people have made. They also do reviews of new cupcake bakeries and show you what the cupcakes look like-love it. They also keep me posted on anything cupcake related. That's where I found out about Johnny Cupcakes. He's a designer, raised in Massachusetts-points for that. He has these cool stores where his t-shirts are sold and the displays are old bakery stuff-ovens and stuff ya know. His symbol- a cupcake with crossbones!!!!

This brings us to Monday at Crave cupcakes in Houston-yes I'm completely obsessed with their strawberry cupcakes. I keep wanting to try something else but they call to me. I mean come on they're pink! See below-notice the special fondant medallion?

Well they hosted a come and meet Johnny Cupcake night on his suitcase tour. Lon was so great-we showed up at 7:00 and left around 11. We waited in line for almost five hours waiting to buy a limited edition Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt. It didn't happen, I had to leave, just-could-not-take-it. We met some really cool people-shout out to Ernie and the mom in front of us with her tween and tennage girls-that's a mom! I did meet Johnny-that's him

Got a picture in front of his cupcake mobile....

And you can see me just for a second on his Houston vlog-right around 3:45-I'm wearing a white jacket, grey shirt, and have my blue coach purse. Oh Johnny. In the coming days I may have a cupcake and crossbones on my car!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Alive-It's Alive!

My sewing machine works and I actually didn't have to use a seam ripper!!!
I love applique and my friend Dulce just put in an order for her littliest friend Giana! I hope she likes it! I can't believe how easy the ruffle was. I had to share with you all so you can see what I've been doing lately. I'm taking orders and open for business!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

They Were Crunchy!

Okay so I follow blogs..it's what I do and one thing I kept seeing coming up again and again was this Pioneer Woman Cookbook. Since I've tried to start cooking, I did make some horrible caramel corn, Lon bought me this book for my birthday! It was so easy! We have amazon.com wishlists and anything I've been wanting I add to it and he does the same and then when something comes up we can just order gifts off of each other's wishlist.

Anyway in between all of my papers for graduate school I decided to make the homemade potato skins. Wow they were awesome. And they were crunchy!

I love her book so much! It gives great step by step instructions with pictures. Those of ya'll that know me know I won't spend money on a cookbook when I can go garage saling this weekend and find some pretty good ones for 50 cents but this one is worth it. Oh and she has a website!!! Here's the linky!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sewing, Sewing not Sewing

Okay so I'd like to put up a picture but I've been sewing and what no one tells you about sewing is that STAYING IN A STRAIGHT LINE IS HARD!

I've been working on applique-I understand that applique was probably not the easiest place to start but you know me. I did manage the following things.
1. I can cut fabric.
2. I can use backing and make the fabric stick to other fabric.
3. It looks decent until you look at the lines.
4. Oh and I didn't sew the fabric (a onesie and fabric) together making it unusable.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures up soon. If you have any ideas on how to learn applique-ie moving the fabric and keep the stitching somewhat even let me know.