Thursday, October 22, 2009

Seeing Spots

After we got home from to come...I decided to finally buy some pumpkins and since we (Texans) can't carve pumpkins because they mold in a day I saw the cutest pumpkins at a craft show for $15 and decided to make them on my own. So easy, so cute! It cost about $2 a pumpkin!

Start with your pumpkins...I rinsed with soapy water and dried first so the paint would stick.

I used this much acrylic black paint to paint all the pumpkins...that's it! I also bought those circle spongy paint brushes for a dollar.

Add random polka dots!

And voila! Add some cute ribbon! Clearly I have a thing for polka dots and ribbon. These are so easy and would be super fun to do with a little one. I even made a "hidden Mickey" on the back of one in honor of our recent trip. And now you can see the craziness that is the front of my house.

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