Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sewing, Sewing not Sewing

Okay so I'd like to put up a picture but I've been sewing and what no one tells you about sewing is that STAYING IN A STRAIGHT LINE IS HARD!

I've been working on applique-I understand that applique was probably not the easiest place to start but you know me. I did manage the following things.
1. I can cut fabric.
2. I can use backing and make the fabric stick to other fabric.
3. It looks decent until you look at the lines.
4. Oh and I didn't sew the fabric (a onesie and fabric) together making it unusable.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures up soon. If you have any ideas on how to learn applique-ie moving the fabric and keep the stitching somewhat even let me know.

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