Friday, February 26, 2010

They Were Crunchy!

Okay so I follow's what I do and one thing I kept seeing coming up again and again was this Pioneer Woman Cookbook. Since I've tried to start cooking, I did make some horrible caramel corn, Lon bought me this book for my birthday! It was so easy! We have wishlists and anything I've been wanting I add to it and he does the same and then when something comes up we can just order gifts off of each other's wishlist.

Anyway in between all of my papers for graduate school I decided to make the homemade potato skins. Wow they were awesome. And they were crunchy!

I love her book so much! It gives great step by step instructions with pictures. Those of ya'll that know me know I won't spend money on a cookbook when I can go garage saling this weekend and find some pretty good ones for 50 cents but this one is worth it. Oh and she has a website!!! Here's the linky!

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