Sunday, December 6, 2009

Have a Holly Jolly Baby!

As many of you know it snowed in Houston! I mean it has "snowed" before. If you are a fellow Massachusettian-you know that 1/2 inch of dusting that melts immediately is not really snow. This year it snowed and stayed for a couple of hours. I was at school subbing with Kimmie and we sent the kids home. For many children this will be their only chance to see snow so we were also excited for them.
I immediately called home and asked Lon to go take pictures with our new camera. Did I tell you I had been subbing to save up for a professional camera? I got it! Now I just need a beginners class and to figure out how to edit.

First snow for our doggies-notice the crazed look on Lacey's face? Also Hunter is no fool he stayed under the porch until Lacey checked it out-just like his mama!

And then he went Buck Wild!

So what have you been doing to get ready for Christmas? We got the tree-check, decorated the house-check, I just mailed cards-check, and I made cake balls for all my teacher friends at school-all 107 ( I went a little overboard) but I feel for ya'll-really I do. From ours to yours:

Notice how I'm not up on that ladder-thank you Lon. The bad part about having a nice camera that no one else is allowed to touch is I'm clearly absent from all photos.

I love them! Yellow cake, vanilla frosting, and vanilla dip.

Clearly Lon and I need to hurry up and have some children so we can stop pretending the dogs are our children.

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