Sunday, June 14, 2009

Going Coupon Crazy

Over the past month we've really been trying to pinch every penny out of our budget in order to get ready for living on one paycheck. We decided to start the new no working budget back in Feb. so we could completely be ready for the last paycheck in August and see if we could really do it. One place we never seemed to be saving any money was on groceries. Grocery prices seem to be on the rise and on top of that we'd go do the weekly trip and then I'd end up making several more trips for odds and ends during the week. I know you all go through this. So I had dvred the Dr. Phil show and fell in love with Ashley from frugal coupon

Frugal coupon is a website that takes the weekly deals at a given store, matches them up with online coupons and weekly coupon inserts from your newspaper and tells you basically how to shop. Ashley also has helpful advice on how to save, freebies, etc. I studied, I clipped, I organized and now see what happened?

Every Sunday I hit CVS and Walgreens for their deals.

Here's my Walgreens deal! Total cost before savings/coupons: $17.31
I paid-$1.78
plus I got a $2.00 Register Reward to spend next time on anything.

Cvs-Total cost before savings/coupons:$20.47
I paid-$7.26
plus I got $4.00 in Extra Care Bucks to spend next time on anything
If you want to learn how let me know! You would not believe the kind of deals there are out there. We were spending roughly $100.00 on groceries and health and beauty products a week. I have managed to cut that down between $20.00 and $50.00 a week!!! Disney World here we come!


  1. Okay, I want to know how to do it. I signed up for The Grocery Game and I can't figure it out. I wasn't saving any money. Help me out Callie!

  2. When I come and visit I want you to keep your Sunday papers fliers and coupons! Also save the fliers for the grocery store you go to!