Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Storing a Stockpile

Once you really start to coupon and get mega good deals on items where do you store all of that stuff. I had a really hard time with this even though we have a rather large pantry. Within two weeks the pantry was so full I couldn't find anything. I went online to see how other couponers store their stockpiles but found out there was very limited knowledge and even more limited pictures. So I wanted to show you how I store my stockpile. First it's important that you buy things that you know your family will eat and use. I keep one of each item in my regular pantry and then when we run out I go "shopping" in my stockpile. Most of the things I buy are non- perishable so I decided to set up shop in the garage. See below:

Make sure items are stored off of the ground. I got this black shelf at a garage sale for 1.00!

As you use and item move your other items forward just like at a store. That way you rotate your inventory.

I store all of my cleaning products the same way.

We were saving so much money we decided to buy a stand up freezer. I love the freezer and now we can actually see inside our fridge. We opted for the stand up freezer because let's face it-I'm short and I wanted to be able to see things. Not to mention I have this fear that when we have children they'll open it and fall in. So the stand up freezer it was!

I hope this helps. I know when I first started couponing I would have loved to see inside people's pantries. Coming I store all my health and beauty products.

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