Monday, July 20, 2009

Totally Tag Saling

Here's what I got this weekend! Don't forget to check out what everyone else got at Southern Hospitality!

A glass cake stand, to go with all of my new cakes. 2.00!

Cute Sam and Libby boots-for the garden and the rain. 2.00!

My usual array of Children's book-25 cents a piece, two cutie notepads-10 cents a piece, a hangy dodad-25 cents, some movies 2.00(I usually will only buy these for 1.00 but it was a super slow weekend and I wanted some new movies), and some candles for 25 cents a piece.

It wasn't that great of a weekend but here's looking forward to next weekend!


  1. Those rain boots are just so cute! I'm glad you found such good bargains!

  2. Those boots are just too darn cute!! I always try to look for cake plates, plain or frou frou... Glad you found goodies.
    :-) Sue

  3. Wow! The boots are adorable and that cake stand is very classic!

  4. AGH! I'm dying to find a cake stand just like that!!!!

    Good finds!

  5. Awesome finds! Love the cake stand and those boots are so cute!!

  6. Adorable, oh so cute rain boots! I would love to wear a pair of those in my garden during the muddy Spring! Pretty cakestand too!