Monday, July 27, 2009

Totally Tag Saling

It was sooo hot this weekend but my Mom and I managed to rummage through things and find some great deals. Let me say first I have big plans for this whole stay at home wife thing. I have lots of future projects and always try to look for supplies while out tag saling.

I got my usual movies-1.00! Some cd's for 50 cents, a candle for 50 cents, and some tulle to make a Valentine's Day tutu with for 25 cents(we'll see how that goes!). I also got the books for 25 cents a piece-trying to broaden my horizon.

I love Round Top metal pieces! I got three of these for a total of 6.00. They have never been used and even had their tags still on them. They were originally 16.00 a piece. I think I'll hang them on our front porch for next years Fourth of July.

I also got this Round Top piece, which I have been wanting. The top of the jar is a chalkboard. I splurged and paid 5.00 for it. Don't forget to head on over to Southern Hospitality where Rhonda hosts a who got what! I will be making a cake for Carmen tomorrow in cake to come. I loathe making roses out of icing-that's all I'll say about that!


  1. Callie, I miss you! You have inspired me...enough of taking "time off" - I am back into the garage sale game baby! Only got to go for about 1ish Friday morning but I'll take it. Check out my new blog to see what I scored. Can't wait to see the cake! Love ya!

  2. Wow -- Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, Conan Doyle, Firzgerald -- you are going to be a busy reader this summer!

    Great finds. What do you do with the metal pieces? I am mystified.

  3. The little fourth of July pieces can actually hang on the porch like a banner...but I might put them on the mantle.

  4. Hello Callie - love your finds! Especially that little chalkboard topper. I'm crazy for chalkboards! Thank you for sharing.