Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cake Class 101

So I signed up for one of those Wilton's beginners cake classes and prayed Kimmie would too. The first class was basically a lecture and homework. Let me say I highly underestimated how hard this was going to be and how much stuff I would buy. Kimmie and I started making the first cake the day before class 2. It took us 4 hours to make icing and ice the cake. See below.

Everything is out and ready to go.....

Layering-let's talk about crumbs. I have iced many cakes in my time but "she" the teacher told us to use a specific amount and for the life of me it wasn't enough. This is how I messed up my cake!!! It was so bad!

I fixed it before class!

We made a rainbow cake and I got icing everywhere-note the toe. Kimmie was clearly quicker on uptake than I was. End result...two cakes for her nieces and I successfully didn't eat any! 54 pounds down and still going! I would also like to give a thank you out to Randi. Those tips you bought me have come in handy. I wish you were here so you could take the class too. Miss and love you all!


  1. Beautiful cakes girls! I wish I was nearer so we could take the class...I still have only taken that one hour class at La'Aglio (sp?). I am hoping to be able to take a class over here. You are inspiring me to start a new blog...Downright Domestic. I'll let you know if I get it up and running. Love ya!

  2. The cake looks good but why blue? If you take another class let me know I might do it with you!

  3. Julie-I think I'd like to sign up for the borders class...we can do it any month you want, I think its on Monday nigts and it would be for four sessions. Let me know.