Monday, January 25, 2010

So I got married again!

The first time Lon and I got married we ran off to Vegas. That's right-at the Little White Wedding Chapel. I believe we were in the same room Britney Spears got married in. It was so fun, so risky, so us. I'm a devout Catholic though and while Lon and I knew we wanted to get married I was waiting for my annulment from my first marriage to come through. You Catholics understand.

So we agreed that once it came through we could have a blessing in the Catholic church. Super small and private much like the first one. Well my annulment came through this summer and we have been preparing for our Catholic blessing ever since.

Deacon Tim was nice enough to marry us again on our anniversary. So two years to the day we tied the knot again. I guess it's pretty finalized at that point. Thank you God for the blessing that is Lon. I couldn't have dreamed there was someone like him meant for me.

My Dad giving me away.

Deacon Tim-the man who went through the divorce, the annulment, and now my happily ever after with me.

The night ended with cake-made by me and bowling. More pictures to come once Marc sends the professional ones. These pictures thanks to Smelanie!

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